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news from the Okavango!

Hello all,  We have been going through a few changes here in the Okavango carnivore program. First, Dungi, the primary contributor to this site, has moved on from the program. He has taken a job with the Department of Wildlife and National Parks in his home region of Tsabong. We wish him the best of luck with his new job close to his family. We will begin adding new posts from our research program and revamp this site with new information about the many exciting programs that we have ongoing from our camp on the fringes of the Delta. In the last week we have located new Cheetah cubs from one of our study animals- Binti. We were very surprised and excited as Binti moved well north of her typical range. Dr. Sven Bourquin, the camp manager and lead researcher on the leopard project, tracked Binti into Moremi Game Reserve with coordinates acquired through aerial tracking. After several visits, Sven located 3 tiny cubs. This was particularly surprising as we felt that Binti was a very young female. With recent heavy rains, we have not been able to follow-up on this sighting, but we hope to confirm the number and sex of the cubs very soon. Also, one the females in the Santawani Pride- Valentina- has given birth to cubs. Our first clue was her reclusive behavior. In previous months she was associating with Santawani female 5 (SaF5) and occasionally with Krystal, SaF3 and their 8 cubs. Since January, however, Valentina has been difficult to see. She tends to spend time in thick vegetation, out of view. Only two days ago, were the cubs seen- all four little balls of fur. They seem to be several weeks old already and full of energy.Here I have posted the first photos that we have of Valentina and the cubs.Valentina We are very excited to share the news of these findings with you and we hope to share their stories- as well as those of the lions, spotted hyenas and wild dogs that we are monitoring throughout our study area! Thanks for the interest and comments and questions are welcome. Andrew