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Rain is approaching

This week marked the first feeling of the sensational moments of rainfall. Our long anticipation for rain has come to an end, after working and getting soaked in sweat in extremely hot temperatures. On monday morning,   9 mm of was recorded at our camp (also known as Wild Dog camp). Although, it was just a small overnight shower, the difference was apparent. In spite of the fact that continuous rainfall can negatively influence our field work, it stirs to life many species that require a moist environment and the new growth associated with it including the many amphibians, insects, reptiles and plants. In the previous rainy season, 700mm was recorded (from October to end of March). The average rainfall in the area is 500mm. This marks the end of dry season and the beginning of the rainy season. Rain has a huge influence in the distribution and movement of wildlife in the area and it will once again be very interesting to follow movement patterns associated with a shift in the season.

After the first drops, the sky has been decorated by patches of clouds with minor thunder storms and lightning vaguely seen at a distance. Everyday, I wake up in the morning, give a glance around, anticipating for one thing only – rain. “Is it coming?” I often ask myself. “Well, hopefully” answers one of my research colleagues whilst sipping hot coffee.

mopane bush

Picture above: Soon, these leaveless dead  looking trees would be turned green


Picture above:The dusty ground,  will soon get a shape

wild Dog plain

Picture above: This is a recent land scape picture of historic floodplain in front of the camp. Acacia trees (the green tree line- normally bloom during september). Notice the goldish colour of the dry grass.