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Carnivore’s Diet

Part of my daily work involves getting up in the morning and going out radio tracking collared animals and recording behavioral data. On the 16th of October, I skipped the game count survey. “Today, I am m going to find the study animals,” I said to myself. The role of the day was to radio-track male lion, which have not been seen for weeks. Aerial fix revealed that he was far inside Moremi Game Reserve (MGR), north of our research camp. MGR has spectacular landscape that includes flowing rivers, swamps and open areas (floodplains) with tree islands, which accommodates numerous wildlife species. Exposure to the area, gives you a fantastic view- you see variety of wildlife species such as lechwe, buffalos, tsessebe, kudu, impala, elephants, etc. Tracking carnivores often lead to places you are unfamiliar with. Take a tour

Above: This lonely male lion was found resting under large fever-berry tree.

Picture above: A herd of 30 elephants crossing the road.

Most herbivore species often graze together

Above: Lechwe and buffalo.

Above: Zebra herd, and impala at the background.

Above:Zebra and tsessebe found 500m away from the location of the male lion I was following.